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scarlett brown at a local coffee shop working on a personalized marketing strategy for a wellness business

Customized marketing support for your wellness-centered business.

Elevate your online presence

My approach is based in authenticity and strategy.

I focus on working with your current marketing practices and infrastructure so you can get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Your customer's first impression of your business is happening online. Elevate your business’s presence with thoughtful and strategy based marketing.

Get started with a discovery call!

  • Before getting started, you can expect to have a clear understanding of how we'll measure success.

  • Every decision we make with your marketing will be based in strategy and current best practices. In other words, you won't need to worry about keeping up with algorithm changes anymore!


  • I believe that the best approach to marketing in health & wellness is to lead with intention, authenticity, and education.

    In our initial meeting, we will discuss your business' goals and current practices to pin point where outsourcing can make the biggest impact.

health and wellness marketing professional scarlett brown sitting leaning against a wood and iron railing surrounded by greenery

About Me

I love combining my passion for science with an education forward approach to build engaging and authentic assets for your wellness-centered business.

I am a science-minded creative with over 7 years of experience in healthcare settings with the last 5 spent in health and wellness marketing. I started my journey by revolutionizing the way independent compounding pharmacies market in an increasingly digital world.

It’s more important than ever for your marketing efforts to be backed by a strong foundation and strategy - to create an authentic and individualized experience for your customers.


Nancy Wharmby  |  President at Medicine Center Pharmacy

While we are able to quantify the impact that Scarlett Brown Marketing has on our social media presence, what stands out most to me are the following:


  1. Scarlett understands our business and is able to represent us as a result of that complete and thorough understanding of who we are and what we do.

  2. Scarlett is a teacher.  She patiently teaches us the nuances of social media to help us utilize and maximize social media to support our business.

  3. Scarlett teachers our staff how to market our business outside of both social media and our brick and mortar walls.  She teaches staff how to approach professional offices, market our product and confidently and successfully encourage new business.

Through all of this, Scarlett becomes a friend and trusted colleague. She represents growth and opportunity while helping us maximize our presence in the community.  We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Scarlett Brown Marketing and appreciate the positive impact she has had on our business.

a sign for an independent compounding pharmacy named Medicine Center Pharmacy with a sign noting that it's a harmacy compounding accreditation board accreddited facility

Kevin Oberlander, RPh  |  Owner and Pharmacist at Dakota Pharmacy & PrecisionRx Labs

For many years we pretended to have a social media program. As pretenders we were not contenders in the social media market.

Then I met Scarlett Brown and decided to hire Scarlet Brown Marketing, LLC to manage our social media platforms. I never realized how poor we were at social media marketing until it was done right.

It is so much more effective to get content to Scarlett, let her develop a calendar and schedules our posts in a timely manner. This had lead us to hiring a photographer and videographer to help develop our content that has a very professional look. Our photo and video employee and Scarlett communicate outside of our monthly meetings so we are prepared to produce our content to edit and send to Scarlett.

Her analytic meetings are great information and give us a real tool for evaluation of what is working or not working.

We are close to our two year anniversary and I can recommend Scarlett Brown Marketing, LLC without any reservation.

compounding pharmacist and pharmacy owner kevin oberlander

Brad White, RPh  |  Vice President at Medicine Center Pharmacy

We have never been able to keep to a consistent schedule or theme for our marketing messages. Working with Scarlett has helped us expand our social media presence and message to a larger audience.


Scarlett has a process that she uses to allow us to schedule content creation in advance and then she does a masterful job of implementing the message. Working in the pharmacy industry, Scarlett understands our business and challenges that we face.


She has helped us craft messages that resonate with our audience. Better still, she holds me accountable for content creation! We value her opinion and enjoy working with her.

compounding pharmacist brad white, vice president at medicine center pharmacy

Recent Projects

I specialize in helping wellness-centered businesses organize their marketing efforts, streamline their processes, and analyze the results.


I have distinct experience in working with IV Therapy Clinics, Functional Medicine Practices, Specialty Pharmacies, Health Coaches, Life Coaches, and more.

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