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Apply for your Brand Design Intensive

Intensives are all about getting only what you need for your business on a tight timeline or budget.

So, let's cut to the chase.

Learn more or fill out the form to get started, or learn more about brand intensives below.

Are you launching a new business?
  • You could use a brand design intensive if you:

    • Struggle with consistency in your marketing

    • Are launching a new business

    • Aren't sure what colors/fonts best represent your current brand

    • Have one logo, but it's not quite right for using on letterhead/website/social media platforms

    • Are chasing trending fonts and colors in your marketing

    • Feel your current brand isn't standing out from the competition or speaking to your ideal audience

    • Like your current branding, but need a concise outline to describe to others how to best represent your business consistently and authentically

  • I am focused on creating authentic designs that can scale with your business over time, favoring timeless branding over trends.


    You will receive the following items for your new brand:

    1. Customized logo design with several variations to allow you to adapt and use your logo on multiple platforms.

    2. Custom designed color palette & font pairings

    3. One page branding guidelines document to help you cultivate an authentic brand image every time.

  • Timeline: ~2 weeks from start to finish

    Investment: $475

    (50% to reserve your spot, the rest due before final file transfer)

    Design Process:

    1. Strategy call (30 min) to talk about design inspiration and align with what you need for your business. We'll identify the most important elements and I'll get a feel for what direction we need to go in.​

    2. I'll send you a couple initial concepts to review

    3. We'll select the best direction and finalize your brand design, revising and collaborating on changes as we go.

      • During this stage, we may jump on a quick design call to work through revisions in real time, if needed.

    4. You will receive your final files in a convenient and downloadable Dropbox folder. I will deliver image and vector files so that you have everything you need to edit your logo for future use.

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